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Movement is the universal language of personal freedom. 
-Louis Chevrolet
In a world filled with non-stop distractions, we can  forget the importance of tuning in to our bodies.  The intention of any worthwhile practice is to create an internal connection with your body as well as your soul! Through working with Jenna, you will enjoy a considerate approach to body/mind programming that engages you into an intense, yet safe movement experience.  Each lesson adds to a foundation of understanding from which to draw from every day. 

Working with Jenna is not just a way to burn calories, it's an education.
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The Continuing Education Experience
Learn new teaching skills and  infuse your practice with the most inspirational energy. 

Jenna's teaching style expands perspectives, challenges limiting beliefs and empowers teachers to think outside of the box when it comes to sharing their great work!

Jenna is an Arcus Educator for McEntire Pilates, a Fletcher PilatesĀ® Faculty Member and also has a catalogue of original coursework that focuses on building support systems for Pilates professionals.  
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